Common Workplace Injuries 

There is no doubt that the use of hand protection plays a significant part in protecting workers' hands and fingers and reducing workplace injuries. According to OSHA, about 30 percent of hand injuries occurred because hand protection was inadequate, damaged, or misapplied. High-performance hand protection is required for medium to heavy duty tasks - including the use of hand tools, pipe handling, and valve operation.

Stout Gloves originated with a focus on protecting oil and gas industry workers. In this field, hand and finger injuries make up nearly 50 percent of incidents. In some cases and at some facilities, that number is closer to 80 percent of all recordable. On drilling rigs, in particular, "struck by" and "caught between objects" injuries caused 54% of the recordable incidents in 2014. The addition of thermoplastic rubber ribs on gloves to absorb and dissipate impact to the backs of hands is one of the new technologies that will help decrease hand injuries. 

All Hand Protection Must Have The Following Characteristics:  

1. Suited for the specific task

2. Fit according to your task and fit preference 

3. Feel comfortable to wear


The Stout Commitment 

We are committed to making sure that you have the right gloves for the task.
At Stout, we aspire to help you achieve your goals each day while maintaining your safety targets. 


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