Copy of Our Mission



Stout Gloves was created to offer quality industrial gloves to the North American market. We specialize in impact and cut resistant gloves. Stout Gloves' purpose is to revolutionize the glove industry, specialize in 'Just In Time' service and offer unmatched support and knowledge to the customer in all facets of the supply chain. 

S T O U T :  a d j e c t i v e 

( o f  a n  a c t ,  q u a l i t y ,  o r  p e r s o n )

1 .  B r a v e ,   B o l d ,  F i r m ,  D e t e r m i n e d 

( o f  a  m a t e r i a l  o r  p h y s i c a l  o b j e c t ) 

2 .  S t u r d y ,  S t a u n c h ,  E n d u r i n g 


Stout Gloves are designed with you in mind, researching the industry standards along with their applications to properly understand the your needs and those of your workplace. Stout Gloves was built off the dreams and passions for extraordinarily safe, comfortable, and durable work gloves. As we like to say, our company was born in a basement, launched in a garage, delivered by car, and - always - created with heart.


It took time, patience, desire, and more than a little grit. Inspired by the resilience of our hardworking customers, we've paved the way for an exciting new venture in safety and are looking for ways to constantly improve and innovate. Please visit our comments pages to offer ideas or insights on how we can do better or what you would like to see in the near future.

Thank you to all of you have embraced and supported Stout Gloves from the beginning. We are very grateful.

Please work safe, enjoy life, laugh lots, and never give up.
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